The second week of training for translators and proofreaders organized by LIA

Lectures held by professor Asllan Hamit and Ismet Osmani
Today, with a lecture from Asllan Hamiti PhD and Ismet Osmani PhD, has started the second week of training for translators and proofreaders of the public sector, which is divided in six groups.
Asllan Hamiti PhD, professor of the Albanian Language and Literature at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, today and in the next days, will treat cases and phraseologies in the Albanian language, as well as the equivalent forms in the Macedonian language
“This training as well as every other training is very useful. On it, translators from different institutions, gather and meet directly, they exchange experiences. But, on the other hand, eminent professors in various fields of linguistics lecture in this training, and with their theoretical knowledge, they help the participants to solve practical problems”, says prof.dr. Hamiti.
“The main topic that was treated and will be treated in the next days with all the groups, is the comparative grammar between Albanian and Macedonian language, by highlighting the cases in Albanian language and its equivalent forms in the Macedonian language. Also, of the same importance are phraseologies of both language because they have their own specifics “says he, concluding that “These two topics are very important for translators, because that is the main problem when translating”.
Ismet Osmani PhD, also a professor of Albanian Language and Literature at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, in his lecture will talk about the issue of terminology, an issue that translators and proofreaders face every day.
“The topics that I will cover are from the field of specialized lecturing- professional terminology. Terminology is one of the important lexical subsystems, that I think during the training we will try to find its equivalence in the Albanian language, to avoid unnecessary borrowings from foreign languages”, says dr. Ismet Osmani.
He believes that the Language Implementation Agency is doing a huge job on advancing the knowledge and the skills of the translators, in the process of translating and implementation of the Albanian language, as an official language.
“I think this training will make their job easier, and most importantly it will motivate translators and proofreaders to be more creative in the field of translation”, highlighted prof. Osmani.
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