The exhibition opening of “Hasan Prishtina in archival documents”

On the occasion of marking the 100th anniversary of the assigning of Hasan Prishtina as Prime Minister of Albania, in the hall of the Ministry of Political System in Skopje was opened the exhibition entitled “Hasan Prishtina in archival documents”, organized by the Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians and the General Directorate of Archives of Albania. In front of the participants spoke the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the RNM, Artan Grubi, the Director of ISCHA, Skender Asani, the General Director of GAA, Ardit Bido and the heir of Hasan Prishtina’s family, Mehmet Prishtina.
In addition, the General Director of the Archives of Albania, Artan Bido also visited the Language Implementation Agency, where he was hosted by Director Ylber Sela. On this occasion he was informed about the continuous work that this institution is doing regarding the implementation of the Albanian language at official levels, supporting and assisting state institutions in terms of translation and proofreading of documents and other official documents.
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