Speech held by LIA’s Director, Ylber Sela on the promotion of the two books written by Ramiz Abdyli

Dear beloved friends!
10th of June, or the official day of the League of Prizren, without a doubt, is one of the most important events in the history of Albanians. Therefore, it is understandable that marking this day, necessarily represents a national obligation for the fact that we should be grateful to those who laid the foundations of the state, nation and language, we need to bow in front of their sacrifice for national ideals and, especially to continue their path in terms of national aid in all possible forms.
Also, the two books we are promoting today, “Shkupi në Lidhjen e Prizrenit” (“Skopje in the League of Prizren”), and “Veprimtaria e Klubit të Shkupit” (“The Activity of Skopje’s Club”), written by Ramiz Abduli, are a special way to mark this date.
These books shed enough light to clearly understand that the Albanians of this center, such as Skopje, did not remain indifferent to the events of the time, but became an active part of them by giving their national, political, social, cultural, educational contribution. Since we, the current generations who live and work in Skopje, are a continuation of this cause, it makes us prouder. In this context, I want to emphasize that the League of Prizren was the most far-sighted and strategic Albanian organization that built nationwide awareness for the state, nation and the language.
In line with this spirit, LIA too, which I am lucky enough to lead, continues to work with dedication for the implementation of the Albanian languages in state institutions, fulfilling the legacy of our predecessors who acted within the League of Prizren. Without the preservation and cultivation of the Albanian language, we will not have a nation. Therefore, we will do our best to continue our mission with full conscience and responsibility.
I wish that such books serve as a guiding light for today’s generations to understand and work for the national cause.
Thank You!
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