On the occasion of March 7 – Teacher’s Day (Greeting speech of the director of LIA, Ylber Sela)

Dear friends!

As we all know, today is an important national day for us because it reminds us of knowledge, school and, above all, the teacher as the main pillar of this society. But, unlike previous years when we had the right to consider it as a real celebration, counting the successes and achievements in this field, this year, unfortunately, we are obliged to do it only for the sake of continuity and tradition created, because pandemic measures, more than anything else, have affected education and school, forcing teachers and students to stay away from temples of knowledge, explaining and learning indirectly through technology. Therefore, this way, as much as it is sacrifice and survival, is also as much requiem and pain.

Of course, the Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians brings us together to mark this important day, joined by the Language Implementing Agency and proving that we are grateful and appreciative of teachers. This means that we do not forget those who give light to our children who will be the bearers of the future.

However, this year’s wish for this day is more of a spiritual prayer. So let us hope and wish that this unusual situation be overcome as soon as possible, that teachers and students return to the temples of knowledge, where their natural place is!

Thank you!

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