LIA and MPSICR awarded certificates to 65 participants in the training of translators and proofreaders of public institutions

Today the Language Implementing Agency (LIA) and the Ministry of Political System and Inter-Community Relations (MPSICR) awarded certificates to the 65 participants who participated in the training of translators and proofreaders of the institutions held from May 6 to July 7, this year.
The ceremony was also attended by the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia and Minister of Political System and Inter-Community Relations, Artan Grubi, the Minister of Education and Science, Mila Carovska and representatives of other institutions.
“Language and the right to use it is one of the four pillars of the Ohrid Agreement,” said Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, in his keynote address, adding that no one lost from this agreement, but the citizens and the state won.
According to him, the language became a normative part of the Constitution only through the Ohrid Framework Agreement and lasted two decades until the completion of the advancement of the use in public institutions, adding that this makes citizens more loyal to the state and vice versa.
“I always repeat, the more loyal the state is to a community, the more that community is loyal to the state. And, today we Albanians, as well as other citizens, are more loyal to the state”, added Grubi.
Grubi stressed that the Law on the Use of Languages does not only regulate the use of the Albanian language, but also provides opportunities for the use of languages of other communities in municipalities where they make up more than 20 percent, and that the beneficiaries are not only Macedonians and Albanians.
The Minister of Education and Science, Mila Carovska, in her speech focused on the reforms in primary education, which create opportunities for everyone to learn their own language, but at the same time to get acquainted with the language and culture of others. Addressing the translators and proofreaders who received the certificates today, she informed them that the responsibility for the textbooks for the lower grades will fall on them.
LIA Director Ylber Sela awarded ABC to First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi for his and the Government’s contribution to creating space and working conditions. In his keynote address, he appealed to state and educational institutions, first of all the Ministry of Education and Science and three universities (Cyril and Methodius, SEEU and UT) to promote the professionalism of the staff needed for implementation of languages in the administration, providing scholarships, and this time reiterated the need for translators to increase their status from administrative staff to professional staff, given the nature of the work and the great responsibility they have.
This activity was held in the framework of marking the 20th anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.
This year’s training was attended by 65 translators and lecturers from 31 institutions and participated 15 professors from North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.
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