Lectures by Xhelal Zejnel PhD, on the technology of translation

On the fourth week of the training of translators and proofreaders of the public sector organized by LIA, Xhelal Zejneli PhD had lectures on the technologies of translation.
“Translation is a very specific field that contains its own craftsmanship and art, it is a professional activity that can only be implemented by people with the right university preparations.”, – says prof. Xhelal Zejneli, during one of the lectures breaks.
“In the topic treated on the technology of translation, candidates were notified with all the problems and obstacles that they can encounter. It is a complex job with a major professional and moral responsibility that requires general knowledge on different fields” he highlights.
He salutes this activity of Language Implementation Agency, as an excellent undertaking that will result on increasing of the quality of translation and will raise awareness on the public and governmental institutions on the necessity of the implementation of the Albanian language as an official state language.
“I think that this practice of the training should not stop, but it should continue on other phases, always on terms of creating a professional staff” says he, putting highlight on the hard work done so far by LIA.
“I want to wish success on his job and future activities to the director prof. Ylber Sela. He, from the first day of accepting this responsible job, has done everything to advance the work of the agency, always on the function of implementing the Albanian language as an official language in our country” -says prof. Xhelal Zejneli among other things.
Prof. Zejneli, besides the knowledge as a linguistic, has gained experience on translation by working on different state institutions for more than three decades. His experience is of a high value to the participants on our training.
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