Lectures by prof. Mustafa Ibrahimi and Qemal Murati

Kosovo and Albania should have institutions same as LIA
Professor Mustafa Ibrahimi on the topic “Translation of special social and cultural texts” and professor Qemal Murati on the topic “Translation of texts on arts and human science “, were the following lecturers on the training for translators and proofreaders of the state administrators organized by LIA.
“The topic that I address is of high importance for the translators, because sociolinguistic phenomena are quite present in every text. Sociolinguistic, which represents the relationship of language with society or vice versa, is very current in communication and writing” says Mustafa Ibrahimi PhD, he adds up that during the lectures, sub-topics such as globalization confronting languages, language stratification, language planning and criteria for the protection of the standard language will be addressed. As a matter of translating were mentioned periphrases, translation of parallel toponyms (e.x. Bitola – Manastiri), translation of slangs and language blendings, etc.
He salutes the initiative taken by the Agency, to organize these trainings, which he considers are highly aimed, because they are of a great importance in terms of professionalism in different fields, and that they must continue.
“It is to be saluted, this activity carried out by this Agency with trainings for proofreaders and translators, with such considerable intensity, for which there is great interest for employees in various institutions, who can learn and improve the language even more, in order for texts to come out with as few mistakes as possible “says Qemal Murati PhD. He adds that “Of course, we cannot pretend that we will have a text with no mistakes at all, that is impossible. In conversation with them, as a lecturer or as a referrer of some problems, we also raise some problems that need to be solved step by step, because it is not possible with a drop of a hat.
“Language is a culture, but it can also non-culture us, it gives you national, cultural and civilizational identity. If we speak the language, we have a civilized identity, but if we speak the language full of mistakes as we have it today, then this is an element that degrades us. Today, we have a standard language, but in practice, in media, we can freely say the level of language is dropped down, that is why there is a need for institutions to be built for its standard maintenance. Such role, is held by LIA, created several years ago, that is leaded by the director with outstanding contributions, Ylber Sela”, says prof. Dr. Qemal Murati, who also mentions that such agency should be built in Kosovo and Albania.
The training organized by LIA is on the fifth week, and over 60 employees have participated from different institutions and it will end on the first week of July.
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