Language Implementation Agency started the training for translators and public sector lecturers

From today, the Language Implementation Agency will train 66 translators and proofreaders from various administrative institutions. As the agency’s director, Ylber Sela, informed them at the solemn opening, this is the first training of its kind in the countries of the region.
Sela said that the agency, since the beginning of its work, has observed a number of problems in the use of languages, especially in the use of terminology, and the need for harmonization of languages used in the administration. Also, the purpose of this training has been adapted to the needs of translators and proofreaders of all institutions, administrative bodies, firstly for ministries, public enterprises and courts, and then the entire public sector, for which the most eminent professors from Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania have committed.
He reminded that the Language Implementation Agency has already published a handbook for administrators, which is the first in the region of its kind and also plans to design a legal and administrative terminology software, which will be a major practical assistance to the administration.
The training was also welcomed by the Minister of Culture Irena Spirovska, who said among other things, that caring for the language is the greatest wealth people can have and for that we have great responsibility as a society and citizens to cultivate languages spoken in the Republic of North Macedonia. “Because, as the renowned linguist and great friend of ours, Prof. Viktor Fridman, has said, Macedonia is the heart of Balkan contacts,” Spirovska said.
Welcoming the initiative for training of translators and proofreaders, Minister Stefovska said that the need for professional knowledge of languages and their application in the public sphere is essential for the functioning of daily life. This means unification of professional terminology in the languages used in the country and the establishment of the quality of their use. Minister Stefovska said that she is committed to restore the dignity of the work of translators and notified about the licensing of proofreaders in the Albanian language, to be regulated in the same way as the status of Macedonian language proofreaders.
However, he was absent due to his duties, while on his behalf, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Political System, Rami Qerimi wished for good and successful work to the participants of the training,
The trainings were supposed to be held in three groups, in which different topics from the field of translation were supposed to be treated, as a practical assistance in the implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages, in the preservation, promotion and protection of official languages and their equal status in the RNM, but due to the new measures of the Government from the situation with Covid 19, the trainings will be postponed for a certain period, in which case the participating candidates will be notified in time for its holding.
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