On February 6, 2019, a public announcement was made for the election of director of The Agency for the Implementation of the Language that is Spoken by at Least 20% of the Citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, which lasted until February 13, 2019, and by a decision adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia at a session held on February 25, 2019, Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela was elected the first Director of the Language Implementation Agency.

General secretariat of the Government of the Republic North Macedonia appointed Pleurat Ajazi and Armend Fazliu to follow the procedures necessary for the establishment of the Agency. Also, in the initial composition for the purpose of establishing and consolidating the Agency, the three external advisors who contributed are: Prof. Dr. Iser Maksuti, Prof. Dr. Nuri Bexheti and prof. Dr. Aitene Hajdari-Qamili, as well as collaborators Emer Mustafa, Berna Mejdiu, Lirim Shabani and Ariton Spahiu.

On March 11, 2019, an application was filed for the incorporation of the Language Implementation Agency in the Central Registry, whereby the Decision on Registration of Establishment was adopted on March 13, 2019. The formal date of establishment of the Agency is 14 January 2019, i.e. the day of the entry in force of the Law on the Use of Languages. (“Official Gazette of RNM” no. 7/19).

On 21 November 2019, the Agency’s headquarter was changed and the same can be found at: Promenade “Dimitar Vllahov” no. 4-1, 4th floor, Skopje. The name of the Agency is also shortened to the Agency name which is “Language Implementation Agency of RNM”.