Dear friends!
I am very honored to greet all of you, friends of Ambassador Shaban Murati, lovers of books and culture. First of all, I would like to emphasize the fact that the pleasure is twofold when the reason for this is the career diplomat and Ambassador Shaban Murati, with his two books “Diplomatic Suicide of Kosovo and Albania” and “The Sea between Albania and Greece”, two books which address the most neuralgic points of Albanians in international reports.
Given that Ambassador Shaban Murati has a long diplomatic experience, as a deep connoisseur of these problems, in his two books he writes very empirically, basing everything on facts, concrete situations, contexts and reports which are still fresh and still continue to disrupt our relations with our neighbors. From this point of view, the books of Ambassador Shaban Murati issue a strong alarm for the Albanian states, for the political elites who lead our states, to become aware and active with all their potential and institutional, intellectual and diplomatic capacity, in order to protect the national being, namely our territory to which the neighbors claim. Necessarily this is a very sensitive and fragile issue, so it takes serious commitment, courage and full vision. I think that all these offer us the books of Ambassador Sh. Murati, become constructive and realistic guides to overcome them with dignity and prudence. In fact, reading these books brings us back to being Albanian and protecting ourselves from any aggressive claims or possible abuse.
Without wishing to prolong it further, I wish that our friend’s books find their way to the readers, especially to the state elites who must keep them as a necessary manual in their offices to understand our situation and opportunity in the field. of diplomacy.
Thank you!
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