LIA and the Ombudsman in the service of protection of the language rights of the citizens

The Director of the Language Implementation Agency of RNM (LIA), Ylber Sela today had a working meeting with the Ombudsman, Naser Ziberi.

At the meeting, Director Sela handed over to the Ombudsman a set of LIA’s publications and informed him about the ongoing projects, as well as the future planned projects of LIA.

The Ombudsman, as a body that promotes and protects the constitutional and legal rights of the citizens, serves as an example for the consistent implementation of the Law on the Use of Languages.

However, in practice there are situations where citizens face challenges in terms of exercising their rights in the official languages and in that part, it is necessary for joint action of the competent institutions to protect and exercise civil rights.

Both sides pledged to continue the excellent cooperation and maintain a dialogue on issues of mutual interest.

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