The mission of the Agency for Implementation of the Language is to build an institutional environment that respects the constitutional and legal obligations, protects, promotes, preserves and strengthens the linguistic right of all citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia, through:

– developing language policies and unification of the administrative terminology in cooperation with relevant experts and institutions in and out of the country,

– training of current translators and proofreaders in all institutions in the country,

– provision and supply of translation software with words and expression for central institutions,

– giving legal advice to citizens on the right to their mother tongue,

–close cooperation with the Inspectorate for the Implementation of the Language and with all relevant state institutions,

– advising the Government and the institutions within the competence of the Agency in relation to the adoption and implementation of measures that ensure the use and equal status of the official languages,

– making recommendations to the central and municipal institutions for encouraging, supporting and securing long-term, sustainable structural solutions and stimulating policies for the use of official languages in the Republic of North Macedonia.